nne Kofron and Kristina Page have been a design team since 2012.  They have worked in a wide range of areas in the design industry.  For over 20 years they have been using their talent and expertise to create stunning events and interiors for both residential and commercial clients.  Hurray For Hollywood,  Cup O’ Cheer, Emerald Evening.

Our specialty is Re-Design, the repurposing and reusing as many existing elements as possible.   In a matter of hours, we will help you upgrade, modernize and freshen your home without undergoing a major redo.  If there is anything missing, we’ll help you identify what they are and where to add them.   You will see your furniture and decor in ways you may never have considered.   Re-Use. Re-Purpose.  Re-LOVE.  This is not only good for your budget, its also great for the planet.

Client Testimonial

  • Anne and Kristina were the right people to call. Overwhelmed with a project I could see in my head but just couldn't finish. The pictures were purchased over a year ago and knew the time had come to DO IT. As I laid them out, that overwhelmed anxious will i hang them, what order, Wanting them straight, level, hung well, and realized... this is not my thing. Wasn't sure if they would do a "small" job but within 24 hours of our first conversation they are hung and look AMAZING. I will be quick to suggest their professionalism to anyone.

    Barbara Harris

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